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Daikin aims to create a healthier, more sustainable society

Daikin is committed to promoting the UN's Sustainable Development Goals: health and well-being, affordable and clean energy, decent work and economic growth, climate action and sustainable cities and communities. We want to tackle climate change and build a comfortable, healthy, sustainable world.

Value for people – healthier lives

Daikin equipment and solutions are designed to improve health and well-being. We create living and working environments that contribute to a better quality of life and economic development in every climate. Our ventilation and air purification systems increase safety and reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. Our refrigeration solutions ensure optimal uninterrupted cold chains, improving food safety and reducing waste.

Value for cities – a fossil fuel-free society

Daikin is the leading provider of technologies and solutions to replace fossil fuels and decarbonise heating, cooling and refrigeration. Our smart, energy-efficient systems help homeowners and businesses save energy while protecting health and well-being. We are expanding our focus from providing individual solutions to making housing units and even entire cities more sustainable.

Value for the Earth – respecting our planet's boundaries

Our heat pumps are a low-carbon solution for heating and cooling, and our refrigeration solutions limit food waste. However, we still have an impact on the environment. Faced with global warming and an expected rise in demand for our systems, we have a responsibility to cut greenhouse gas emissions. The challenges for humanity are huge.

We are working to reduce our carbon footprint to net zero by 2050. The production and installation of our products will be carbon neutral, and by 2050 we aim to deliver heating, cooling and refrigeration in a carbon-neutral way, even after the product is in use.

We minimise emissions of our products over their lifecycle and strive for a circular, sustainable use of materials, with a focus on our refrigerants. We are committed to reaching carbon neutrality no later than 2050.