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Stand By Me

Everything you need to know about your Daikin products and our exceptional aftercare service options in one easy-to-access platform. You'll have our experts by your side for years to come.

How Daikin can benefit you

An additional six months' warranty free of charge

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Your essential equipment information in one place

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Explore our additional services

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Reminders when your annual maintenance visit is due

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A platform designed for you

What is Stand By Me?

Stand By Me is our exclusive aftercare service platform. Simply register your Daikin products to access extended warranty and maintenance packages for lasting peace of mind.

What do you get?

Stand By Me offers information about your products and the services available to extend their lifetime, in one easy-to-access platform.

How does it work?

It's easy! Simply click the link and follow the steps to register your products. Once registered, you'll be able to browse all the service options available to give your product the care it deserves.

Why should I register my Daikin unit?

Give consent to your installer to access your equipment for remote troubleshooting. Your installer automatically receives a notification when your equipment has an error.

More information

You can register your product by using the registration button on the Stand By Me website. This opens a pop-up screen where you can enter an email address and password for your new account, then fill in your remaining details on the following screens.

Once this is done, a validation email will be sent to your account. When you have validated your email address by clicking the link in the email, you will be redirected to Stand By Me to start your installation registration.

If you use a social login option (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter) there is no need to validate your email address, but you will need to login once you have completed the registration flow in the pop-up screens.

You need to create a Daikin account and register your first installation via one of the two options.

Option one: enter the commissioning code given to you by the installer and fill in your personal data. Accept the general conditions and then click “Save”. If you adon't have the commissioning code, contact your local Stand By Me team with the serial number of the unit.

Option two: you can register the installation based on device type, serial number and digital invoice. You must scroll down to go through the different steps. Don't forget to save your data at the end.

After your first device is registered, you can register further installations via your Daikin account. The “Installations” section in the menu bar on the left shows the “Add installation” button in the upper right corner. Click on this and add the second installation using one of the two options. Repeat this for any further installations.

This depends on your location. Start by going to, then select your country. At the bottom of the page you will find the contact information of the Stand By Me team in your country.

Each indoor and outdoor unit has a nameplate showing the product type and serial number

You can contact the Stand By Me team via email with the serial number and product code of your system. The serial number can be found on both your invoice and the grey sticker on your indoor or outdoor unit.

Control your devices with the Onecta app

Manage your indoor climate from anywhere at any time using our remote residential controller app