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Our network of trusted, qualified installers sets the standard for professional and reliable installation services that exceed customer expectations

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Our carefully selected partnerships have been established over 45 years of innovation and success in Europe. Installers are among our greatest ambassadors and we work with them to make climate solutions accessible to everyone.

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Daikin works with trusted certified installers close to you. Go to our Technical Support page and use the interactive map to find your nearest installer. They will arrange a site visit to discuss your project and understand your needs, before suggesting the best solution for your home or place of work.

Yes, your certified installer is your primary contact for repairs. If they don’t offer repairs, you can contact the Daikin local office, which will give you a list of installers who can carry out repairs on your unit.

Yes. If your installer provides maintenance, you can continue using them for the maintenance of your unit.

The simplest answer is, it depends. Installing a heat pump is more than just the placement of an indoor and an outdoor unit, therefore there is no definite timeframe when it comes to the amount of time it will take to install a heat pump as it will depend on a number of different factors such as:

  • Type of home: The first thing that will be taken into account is the type of home a heat pump will be installed in. Is it a new-build or an existing home? With new-build homes, the planning needs to be taken into account with all other building currently taking place. With existing homes, things such as whether existing emitters will be used or will be replaced with new ones will play a part in the time needed.
  • Type of heat pump: Since there is a variety of different heat pumps, each one also has its own time requirement for the installation.
  • Additional works: Whether you are installing a heat pump in an existing or new-build home, there may be additional works that need to take place in order to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your new system. This could include the installation or replacement of emitters (such as radiators), optimising your insulation etc.

Stand By Me certified partners

With our network of authorised service partners, Daikin Europe has the market-leading knowledge and resources to create innovative heating and air conditioning solutions. Through our European Development Centre, and with a focus on energy efficiency, we're creating climate solutions for everyone.