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Find out more about the values behind Daikin

Our values and group philosophy

Our core values drive the way we work. We promise absolute credibility to our customers, colleagues and society at large. Harmonious personal relationships are central to our success: they make working together fun, help us to build bridges with a wide range of partners and enable innovation. Across the group, we stimulate enterprising management to develop our people and grow our business by embracing new opportunities. We provide value through solutions for air.

Based on our core values, Daikin’s global group philosophy provides a framework for our corporate and business decision-making. It helps us to create value for the business, for our people and for our planet. We want to be a trusted partner as we work together to build a healthier, more sustainable society.

At Daikin, we take corporate ethics seriously and believe our principles contribute to our success.

We strive to secure legal compliance, provide safe, high-quality products and services, act under the principles of fair competition and practise fair procurement in our relationships with suppliers.

We ensure timely and appropriate disclosure of corporate information, and we respect intellectual property. We treat any information you share with us confidentially, so you can safely connect your Daikin product to online services. We cultivate a dynamic workplace that fosters pride and enthusiasm.

And we stand up against illegal, anti-social and unethical behaviour. Anyone with concerns about this can report them in confidence through our whistle-blower procedure.