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How do our residential ventilation systems save money?

Find ways to reduce your bill thanks to an energy-saving ventilation system

Parents and toddler sitting on the floor playing with toys enjoying a ventilated home

Did you know that a ventilation system is a great way to reduce your energy bill? Let's look at the ways it improves your home's efficiency and minimises costs.

How does an energy-saving ventilation system work?

More and more people are looking for ways to save money on their bills. The price of energy is rising across Europe. So it's more important than ever to keep your home efficient. Did you know that ventilation is a solution?

Installing a ventilation system may not be an obvious way to save money. However, it can lower your energy consumption and cut costs in the long term. Efficient ventilation keeps warmth inside your house. It also ensures the air in your home is clean and dry. Dry air is faster to heat than humid air, so your house is easier and quicker to heat – saving you money.

4 features that reduce energy costs for your house ventilation system

Ventilation systems have several features that can increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Heat recovery. A mechanical ventilation system recovers heat. It takes the heat in the exhaust air and transfers it to the incoming fresh air through a heat exchanger. That significantly increases heat recovery, saving energy and costs.

Consistency. A ventilation system ensures your home is at the optimal temperature. So you don’t need to switch the heating on or off – instead, you can keep a consistent temperature. That's cheaper than turning on heating appliances at high temperatures for short periods.

Pressure. A smart ventilation system keeps the pressure inside your house positive. That means the pressure inside the home is equal to the pressure outside. It reduces the risk of moisture in the air, because it keeps fresh air coming in while removing the moist air. As a result, it's easier to heat efficiently.

Demand control ventilation: Only ventilate when it is necessary, where it is necessary and how long it is necessary. By doing this you eliminate unnecessary overventilation

Toddler playing on the floor in a fresh aired living room
Mother and toddler sitting on the floor and reading a book comfortably in a ventilated living room

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