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The pros and cons of a heat pump

Are heat pumps worth the investment? We take a look at the benefits and the disadvantages of a heat pump in your home.

Outdoor unit of a heat pump system installed next to the terrace

The world is moving towards eliminating fossil fuel systems, and as a result heat pumps are becoming a popular alternative. We all lead different lives and there are many sorts of heat pumps that suit our varying needs. Before making any major investment, like a heat pump, into your home and lifestyle, it's good to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages.


Versatility and flexibility

Financial and environmental reasons aside, heat pumps are a versatile solution for any home. They offer heating, hot water and cooling, for detached houses, terraced houses or apartments. Heat pumps are designed to meet all your home comfort needs, ensuring hot water, heating and even cooling, whenever and however you need it. In addition, most heat pumps can be managed via an app, so no matter where you are, you're always in control.

Reduced environmental impact

The biggest push towards the shift to heat pumps is the need to move to low-impact alternatives. Heat pumps primarily operate by consuming renewable energy. They use less electricity and produce no local emissions - and in some cases, no emissions at all, depending on the electricity sources.

The use of renewable energy sources such as air, ground and water means heating and hot water production is particularly sustainable

Reduced maintenance and service

Heat pumps have a robust design and few moving parts. This means they require very little maintenance, service and repairs, especially compared to the maintenance required for a traditional boiler. Heat pumps only require a general maintenance check once a year.

Return on investment

Consider the lower energy costs, governmental subsidies and lower maintenance requirements. It's clear that heat pumps offer a much bigger return on investment than heating systems running on fossil fuels. What's more, installing a heat pump can often increase a property’s value, giving you a greater return if you decide to sell your home.

The disadvantages of heat pumps

Now we know the advantages a heat pump, let’s look at the disadvantages.

One of the significant challenges is the initial cost of purchase and installation. The price of a heat pump varies depending on where you live and the type of heat pump you choose. While many countries offer subsidies to help balance the upfront costs, heat pumps can require a substantial initial investment, more than a gas system. The level of return on investment depends on the relationship between the energy price levels for electricity and gas or oil. These are country dependent.

The initial investment is compensated with a very low running cost, as 75% of the operation is running on renewable energy, which is for free. This makes it an attractive heating system, when looking to the total life span of the product.

Installing a heat pump can be tricky. Before installing a heat pump, your installer needs to understand elements such as the current movement of heat or the level of insulation in your home, the local geology if you’re considering a ground source heat pump, and your unique heating and cooling needs.

Research and planning

A Daikin installer will help you through the decision-making process after your initial research to help you make the best decision.

Check the insulation level of your house, and consider prioritising insulation works.

A heat pump installation requires a little more accurate planning, compared to fossil fuel boilers. For a heat pump, it is important to define the right size of the unit, to ensure your heating works efficiently and economically. A detailed heat loss calculation will help define the correct size of the heat pump, taking into account the type of emitters used in the house. A Daikin Sustainable Home specialist will do this for you accurately, with the help of existing tools. You can perform a preliminary assessment yourself via our Heat Pump Calculator.

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