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“I got funding for a major home upgrade & it slashed my energy bills”

Here’s an example of how government funding helped a homeowner make the switch over to a heat pump – saving money in the short term, and the long term.  

This case study with Susan Holt at Willow Cottage really reveals the economic benefits of heat pumps – estimating how the switch has helped her save £300 on energy bills a year.

A traditional Welsh cottage

The Holts bought Willow Cottage, a traditional Welsh long cottage set on a two-acre smallholding in the rural village of Trefonen, Shropshire in 2020. When the Holts moved into their lovely new home, they realised that the oil-fired boiler – installed by the previous owners 20 years previously – was on its last legs. The boiler eventually broke down at the worst possible time, over Christmas, leaving the couple with a decision to make.

We were already thinking about an air source heat pump as part of the next stage of our renovations, so when the boiler broke down, it was time to make the change
Susan Holt
Heat pump outside unit
Susan Holt

Replacing a broken boiler

Rather than making a ‘distress purchase’ of a replacement oil boiler, the Holts decided it was time for a change. They had already discussed moving to a renewable energy solution, so when their boiler gave up the ghost, they immediately contacted Air2Heat Ltd, a local provider of sustainable heating systems. Their installer recommended the R32-based Daikin Altherma 3 H HT heat pump for the rural home.

Funding the project

To help fund the project, the Holts used the government-funded Boiler Upgrade Scheme, a total of £5,000 contribution at the time, which has now increased to £7,500 following policy changes. Their installer applied for the government grant on their behalf, making it easy for the Holts to take advantage of the scheme. 

Energy savings

Reliable, low-carbon comfort

The Holts had their heat pump installed in the summer of 2022 and were really able to feel the difference in the months that followed. They followed their installer’s advice and kept the heating running all the time but at a lower indoor temperature. The Holts now enjoy consistent, reliable comfort all year round – one of the main sources of satisfaction for new heat pump customers.

As with all home energy upgrades that involve installing a heat pump, their home now enjoys a much-reduced carbon footprint. The Daikin Altherma 3 H HT provides heating and hot water by extracting energy from a renewable source (air) so it is one of the most energy-efficient ways you can heat your home.

Bringing down energy bills

And then there are the significant financial benefits too. Susan estimates it has brought their energy bills down by around £300 per year. With energy prices continuing to fluctuate, the switch to a heat pump is a smart move in both the long and short term. As Susan says, “It all helps save money in the long run.”

Win £7,500 to fuel your home heating upgrade

Win £7,500 to fuel your home heating upgrade

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