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Sustainable development goals

Discover our sustainable development goals and how we provide added value to people and their health

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For Daikin, sustainable development goals are an essential part of being an industry leader. Corporate social responsibility is about how we work towards a liveable planet, today and for subsequent generations. That's why we develop solutions that improve life every day, while carefully managing our impact on the planet.


Three levels of corporate social responsibility

At Daikin, we see three aspects of corporate social responsibility (CSR): value creation for the Earth, value creation for cities and value creation for people. We're committed to meeting our responsibilities in these areas, based on the UN's sustainable development goals, or SDGs.

For the Earth

We are working to reduce our carbon footprint to net zero by 2050. The production and installation of our products will be carbon neutral, and by 2050 we aim to deliver heating, cooling and refrigeration in a carbon-neutral way, even after the product is in use.

Sustainable HVAC-R solutions are key to a carbon-neutral society, and they're integral to our CSR strategy. Circular economy initiatives limit the pressure on resources, so, as a responsible business, we're working on low-carbon alternatives to fossil fuels for heating. We're committed to developing energy-efficient products connected to smart networks that optimise renewable energy sources.

Our heat pumps deliver decarbonisation, and we're dedicated to clear actions when it comes to carbon reporting. What's more, we're proud to be on the CDP reporting framework's Climate Change A List. It's proof that we're leading the way in environmental transparency and performance.

For cities

We're at the cutting edge of heat pump technology – so we embrace it as part of our CSR strategy. We use this technology in most of our equipment, from family homes to hotels and hospitals. Our heating solutions are a low-carbon alternative to fossil fuel systems. In larger applications, we can optimise the climate to achieve near-zero energy buildings.

Measures such as solar panels and LED lighting in our factories help us meet our SDGs. Our Ostend factory, for example, is connected to a district heat recovery network. These initiatives are part of the Green Heart programme, which improves our factories' environmental and social performance.

For people

Part of social responsibility is ensuring we leave the planet in a liveable state for the next generation.

Our vision is global. By focusing on activities that make our technology available to other manufacturers, we contribute to cutting CO2 emissions around the world.

Daikin equipment and solutions are designed to improve health and well-being. We create living and working environments that contribute to a better quality of life and economic development in every climate. Our ventilation and air purification systems increase safety and reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. Our refrigeration solutions ensure optimal uninterrupted cold chains, improving food safety and reducing waste.

Why do sustainable goals matter?

Our CSR strategy aims to develop world-class technologies that reduce our environmental impact. At the same time, we're creating value through a healthy, comfortable way of life for generations to come.

CSR is important to us

Daikin is an industry leader. That means we have a responsibility not just to our customers but to our stakeholders, partners and the world. We're working towards a business that prioritises the health of the planet rather than short-term profit. Our CSR policy is at the heart of all we do.

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