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Quiet technology is needed now more than ever before

The world is getting louder, and we all need a peaceful home to retreat to. That’s why Daikin has engineered some of the quietest products on the market.

If you live or work in a city, you’ll be living life on full volume. Our built-up spaces are becoming increasingly noisy with road traffic, aircraft, trains, sirens, and drilling all adding to the soundtrack that is life in towns and cities. Our cities are getting louder, and it’s wreaking havoc on our health. 

Research reveals noise is a killer

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that noise is the second most harmful environmental factor affecting health after poor air quality. 

Their research shows that at least one million healthy life-years are lost every year in Western Europe due to environmental noise. The negative impact it has on sleep, stress, depression, anxiety and heart disease is shaving years off our lives. And that’s been confirmed in a new study from the UK Health Security Agency, which reveals that chronic noise pollution is a not-so-silent killer. 

Yet, despite the increase in noise levels, there’s a general lack of awareness around noise pollution – largely down to its invisibility. It’s all around you, but it’s not immediately apparent. But, whether you’re aware or not, it’s definitely affecting your health. 

Chronic noise pollution is a not-so-silent killer
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The importance of a quiet home

With our outdoor spaces getting louder, having a peaceful home to retreat to becomes even more significant. A calm, quiet space lets us switch off and relax after a long, loud day. And, with more of us working from home on a regular basis, a quiet haven is just what we need to operate effectively.

However, our homes can be noisy, too. From washing machines and extractors to blenders and kettles, our homes are often humming with sound. 

Fortunately, Daikin and other manufacturers are taking noise pollution seriously. They’re designing products that operate at whisper-quiet levels, bringing back that sense of peace and calm to the home. 

A calm, quiet space lets us switch off and relax after a long, loud day

The Quiet Mark seal of approval

An independent scheme, Quiet Mark acoustically tests products to enable consumers to easily identify quieter products for the home, workplace and public spaces which will benefit health and wellbeing. 

Being Quiet Mark certified means home appliances have undergone third-party testing and are among the quietest in their category. Daikin has four products that have gained the Quiet Mark certification, including our high-performance heat pump and our range of air purifiers. 

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The quietest high-temperature heat pump

Daikin is proud to have developed the quietest high-temperature heat pump on the market. The Altherma 3 H HT heat pump is now Quiet Mark certified, having passed rigorous acoustic assessments and laboratory tests. 

Several major components of the product have been enhanced to help minimise its sound output, including a double injection compressor and a single fan, which help to reduce the noise levels. The result? It’s super quiet with a sound power of just 54 dB(A) – no louder than a quiet refrigerator. 

And, it’s also the best-looking heat pump on the market too, having won several design awards. It’s the premium solution for any home, providing dependable heating, cooling and domestic hot water, whatever the setting.

The Altherma 3 H HT heat pump is now Quiet Mark certified

Clean pure air, without the noise

Tackling the two biggest pollutants – air and noise – Daikin air purifiers quietly and effectively remove dust, pollen and allergens from your indoor air.  The powerful but silent technology helps to keep you healthy by filtering out airborne bacteria and viruses too. It also controls odours, so your home always smells fresh and clean. 

Whether you want to keep your home free from viruses in the cold and flu season, or pollen-free during the summer months, these whisper-quiet models will ensure your family stay healthy throughout the year. 

And they can be even quieter when you want a really hushed room for a good night’s sleep. The ‘Quiet mode’ feature will produce sound pressure levels of just 19 dBA, providing pure air with minimal noise. 

Powerful but silent technology filters out airborne bacteria and viruses

Create a calm, quiet home

'Many people don’t realise the impact noise can have on their health,’ says Poppy Szkiler, CEO of Quiet Mark. ‘Yet long-term exposure to noise can cause significant damage, affecting the physical rhythms of our bodies, our hormones, cardiovascular and metabolic systems.’ Creating a quiet and peaceful home is one of the best things we can do for our overall health and wellbeing.