daikin altherma air-to-water low temperature

Air-to-water low temperature heat pumps

The energy-efficient heating, cooling and hot water solution

Energy efficiency that’s better for your home environment 

Daikin's Altherma air-to-water low temperature heat pumps are the optimal choice for homes of all types, including new homes or builds. When combined with underfloor heating or low temperature radiators, the configuration requires less energy to heat your home. Designed in Europe, for Europe, our air-to-water heat pumps are suitable for all European climates, year-round.

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Air to water low temperature heating


Heat pumps extract heat from the outside air, which makes heating your home an energy efficient process.

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Air to water low temperature cooling


Powered by renewable energy sources, heat pumps cool your home without consuming large amounts of energy.

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air to water heat pump hot water

Hot water

Combining a heat pump with a domestic hot water tank produces enough hot water at high efficiency for you and your family.

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air to water heat pump solar support

Solar support

Optional solar support is a free energy source that can produce up to 70% domestic hot water.

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Powered by renewable energy

Powered by 75% energy extracted from the air and 25% electricity, our air-to-water low temperature pumps heat and cool your home with A+++ energy efficiency. You can also combine your heat pump with solar support to increase your savings on hot water production.

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How a heat pump works

A heat pump controls the temperature by transferring heat. There are three essential components to a heat pump: the outdoor unit (evaporator), the indoor unit(s) (condenser) and the refrigerant. The refrigerant transfers the heat as it circulates between the outdoor and indoor unit(s).

How a heat pump works
  • The evaporator extracts energy from the renewable source (air, water, geothermal or solar) by forcing the liquid to transform into a gas.
  • The compressor compresses the gas, which raises its temperature.
  • The condenser exchanges the heat from the gas to the heating system, and the gas returns to a liquid state.
  • The expansion valve lowers the pressure of the refrigerant, which triggers evaporation and the cycle begins all over again.

We simply reverse this cycle to cool your home.

Perfect fit for new builds

Daikin's air-to-water low temperature heat pumps are the optimal choice for new homes or builds. When combined with underfloor heating or low temperature radiators, the configuration requires less energy to heat your home. Designed in Europe, for Europe, our air-to-water heat pumps are suitable for all European climates year-round.


Powered by renewable energy

By extracting renewable energy from the air, our Daikin Altherma low temperature heats, cools and provides your home with hot water in a sustainable way.

  • Powered by 75% renewable energy extracted from the air and 25% electricity
  • Earned an A+++ energy label for its space heating 
  • Combine your heat pump with solar support to increase your hot water savings

Hot water savings with solar energy

Reduce your energy costs by taking advantage of the sun's renewable energy. Our solar panels are easy to install and produce up to 70% of the energy your hot water heat pumps and boilers need. Equally available for all building types, our solar hot water systems accommodate small and large homes. Choose between a pressureless or pressurized hot water system.


Pressureless ECH2O thermal store

  • Ideal for new homes
  • Higher energy performance than pressurised systems
  • Requires a direct vertical connection from the tank to the solar collectors
  • If there is no sun, the system automatically drains to prevent frozen pipes

Pressurized ECH2O thermal store

  • Ideal for renovations and existing homes
  • Possibility to use curved piping to connect the tank to the solar collectors
  • Filled with water and antifreeze to prevent frozen pipes
  • The system is pressurised and sealed for your safety
Daikin heating app

Always in control

Download our Daikin Residential Controller app, connect your unit to Wi-Fi and control your climate from anywhere. It is that easy.

Compatible with a variety of emitters

Daikin Altherma low temperature air-to-water heat pump systems are compatible with a variety of heating and cooling emitters. This way you can select the ideal combination for you interior.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating

With equal distribution of heating and cooling throughout your home and a stable temperature, underfloor heating is the most energy efficient emitter.

Low temperature radiators ideal for bathrooms

Low temperature radiators

Low temperature radiators are ideal for bathrooms. Use them as towel rack to simultaneously heat your bathroom and warm your towels.

Heat pump convector

Heat pump convector

Your heat pump convector is a fan coil unit equipped with software that automatically optimises your energy efficiency based on demand, temperatures and energy prices.

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Daikin Altherma 3 R

Daikin Altherma 3 R

The power pact

The world’s first high capacity R-32 refrigerant split heat pump, with cooling!​

Daikin Altherma 3 Monobloc

Powerful yet compact

The Daikin Altherma 3 Monobloc is the Daikin’s first third generation monobloc, benefiting from a new design and using the R-32 refrigerant.


Daikin Altherma 3 M
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