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Silence is cool for audio retailer’s air conditioning selection

Bang and Olufsen interior

In a business where audio quality is the keyword, it’s important to keep extraneous sound to the minimum. But with lots of bright lights and electronic equipment at work all day, it’s also essential to keep things cool. 

Paul Blake, director of the Bang & Olufsen selected dealership at Bexleyheath, South East London, says: “The old air conditioning system had become quite noisy, so we had to switch it off every time we did an audio demonstration. That was not good for the customer experience. Without air conditioning, the temperature inside the shop could reach an unbearable 40oC in summer.”

Silence is cool for audio retailer's air conditioning selection

Daikin D1 Partner Technicool Air Conditioning replaced the high-end audio and video equipment retailer’s 20-year-old Daikin R22 system with a 7kW Daikin Sky Air Seasonal Smart system and a high COP Roundflow cassette, part of Daikin’s Bluevolution range, featuring the lower global warming potential refrigerant R32.

Paul Blake says: “A customer originally recommended Daikin, and we felt that having the best in air conditioning was in keeping the B&O brand image. We had no hesitation in staying with Daikin. With R32 the current front-runner in refrigerants, we are future-proofed for most – if not all – of the next 20 years.”

“‘It’s so quiet” – that was Paul Blake’s first reaction. “With the new system everyone is comfortable – as we proved during a recent event with more than 40 people packed into the shop. For us it’s all about the customer experience, It’s the only way you can achieve on the high street – if you can’t win them over in the showroom, you’ll lose them to the internet.” And he says the new system is so good that his family business is now considering upgrading to the same equipment for its other four B&O outlets in Cambridge and the south east.

- Paul Blake, director of the Bang and Olufsen

R32 Bluevolution

Daikin’ s R32 Bluevolution range includes Sky Air and Split systems and offers future-proof and affordable air conditioning solutions. These are quick and easy to install – with reduced leak-check requirements and latest technology.

“With R32 being the current front-runner in refrigerants, we are confident that we are future-proofed for most – if not all – of the next 20 years.” - Paul Blake

R32 unit

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