The Warrington Family, Swinton

The Warrington Family, Swinton

New Daikin gas boiler set to ‘condense’ family’s heating costs

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Completion of a major upgrade to a suburban semi-detached house in Greater Manchester provided a golden opportunity for replacing its boiler with the latest gas condensing boiler technology.

For the Warrington family of Swinton, the choice of Daikin’s wall-mounted combi boiler means efficient and economical production of hot water for heating and washing. And the new A-rated boiler is much quieter than its predecessor, installed when the family of four moved into the house about 15 years ago.

Owner Steve Warrington says the renovation project turned the ‘fairly standard’ three bedroom, one bathroom house into a more spacious property with four bedrooms, an ensuite bathroom for the main bedroom and a much enlarged kitchen-diner downstairs.

New Daikin gas boiler set to ‘condense’ family’s heating costs

Opting for a 35kW Daikin gas boiler means the family can rely on a domestic hot water flow rate of 13 litres a minute with a leaving temperature of 60oC – and central heating water at up to 90oC to ensure efficient heating in all rooms during even the coldest weather.

Steve Warrington Owner:

“In our case we’ll be looking for savings from the greater efficiency of the latest technology. It’s too early to assess the full impact, but I am expecting lower energy bills – despite having an extra bathroom and a bigger house to heat.”

The combi boiler operates only when hot water is needed, and is started either by an impulse from the heating thermostat or when someone turns on a hot tap. This system saves space because there is no need for a hot water storage cylinder and cuts costs by eliminating the need for ‘topping up’ water temperatures.

Daikin’s new-generation high efficiency gas condensing boilers can be used for both combi or system applications.

Advanced modulating control logic helps the boiler produce maximum output with minimal energy usage – and also ensures that its sound power level drops from the maximum 54dBA as soon as possible.

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