The Jungle, Warrington

The Jungle, Warrington

Air conditioning solution tames a ‘steamy’ Jungle – all year round

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Jungles conjure images of hot, steamy places but one in Warrington maintains a comfortable 21oC all year with air conditioning from Daikin UK. This Jungle is a popular indoor soft play facility that recently relocated to larger premises. Co-owner Paul Lott says after 11 years the business had outgrown its 5,700 sq.ft industrial location which was often too hot in summer and too cold in winter. It’s now in a retail park near the centre of Warrington gives The Jungle 11,000 sq.ft over two levels and there’s more opportunity for parents’ and children’s refreshment in the spacious new café facilities. 


Air conditioning solution tames a ‘steamy’ Jungle – all year round

A key contributor to the enhanced experience at The Jungle is the air conditioning system, installed by Daikin D1 Partner, Profreeze. It consists of a Daikin D-AHU Modular R air handling unit, with two 10hp Daikin ERQ-AW1 heat pump condensers providing the necessary cooling and heating capacity to DX coils inside the AHU. The size 7 AHU delivers a supply and extract air volume of 7,776m3/h. Its rotary wheel heat recovery device exchanges heat between exhaust and fresh streams – tempering the incoming fresh air to ensure the most efficient use of the condensing units, rated at 28kW cooling and 31.5kW heating.

“Because there can be large numbers of children running about, a conditioned ventilation system providing plenty of fresh air was more appropriate for this application than a conventional air conditioning system with a smaller ventilation unit.”

- Lee Coates, director at Profreeze

Exposed ductwork

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Profreeze director Lee Coates says air is ducted to outlet grilles on both levels of the building, with a return flow via extraction points on the ground floor. “The ductwork is exposed, so it was designed to look good as well as delivering air to all parts of the building”. The system has separate programmed operations during the week and at weekends. The AHU controller maintains airflow, heat recovery and temperature settings.


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