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Blakes Farm, West Sussex

Daikin gas boiler gives kitchen sink ‘life-changing’ hot water 

Blakes Farm

When the gas boiler in the utility room of his family home ‘died’ after more than 20 years’ service, refrigeration engineer Graham Furneau needed a good replacement. So he looked for a new gas boiler that was priced reasonably and could efficiently meet heating and hot water requirements.

His choice for the four-bedroom house, built in 1995 near Horsham, West Sussex, was a 24kW Daikin gas condensing boiler that now occupies the same position as its predecessor in a utility room cupboard. “But it’s more compact, so there’s extra space in the cupboard now,” says Graham.

Daikin gas boiler gives kitchen sink ‘life-changing’ hot water

Not only is the boiler more compact, the Daikin design incorporates a dual heat exchanger that increases efficiency by as much as 30% and reduces operating costs.

There’s also less inconvenience for the homeowner, with plug and play simplicity ensuring simple and fast installation.

The boiler is provided with a pre-assembled backpack that contains the expansion vessel and all the necessary valve connections. The backpack also acts as a wall-mounting jig.

Graham Furneau, Refrigeration Engineer

“The Daikin gas condensing boiler can also operate as a combi boiler – even simultaneously – so our plumbing has been changed to take advantage of this. As a result, with just a few feet of pipe through the wall from the new boiler, the hot tap in the kitchen now delivers hot water within seconds. It’s lifechanging!”

With its dual heat exchanger – heating and DHW circuits are separate, within the same casing – Graham’s new Daikin unit operates as a system boiler, providing hot water for radiators throughout the house and for the coil in the 200 litre Daikin cylinder installed at the same time as the new boiler.

“The drawback to the plumbing layout we inherited with this house was the delay in hot water delivery to the kitchen sink,” he says. “There was no problem with the bathrooms and two power showers upstairs, but we had to wait ages to get hot water in the kitchen – and that’s where you really need it fast.

He says the Daikin boiler is also much quieter than the old unit.  This is as a result of advanced modulation control logic that underpins the boiler’s efficiency by providing the maximum output needed to maintain comfort levels - while minimising energy usage.

Blakes Farm Installation
Blakes Farm Control Unit

Daikin’s gas condensing boiler can be paired with virtually any commonly used thermostat, including smart thermostats that give owners remote control of their heating and hot water.

With just a few moving parts, reliability of the boiler is increased and maintenance costs are reduced. All parts are easily accessible for servicing. Boilers come with a seven-year warranty – and there’s a 10-year guarantee against manufacturing defects on the heat exchangers.

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