VRV IV system a great comfort for people and perishables

Denstone Hall Farm

VRV IV system a great comfort for people and perishables

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An award-winning farm shop and café in rural Staffordshire has taken a further step on the road to excellence with the installation of a Daikin VRV IV heat pump air conditioning system and self-cleaning Roundflow cassettes. The result is greater comfort for customers and staff – and a better environment for perishable products.

Two modular condensing units – totalling 30hp – have been installed to serve a current complement of eight cassettes, each delivering a nominal 11.2kW of cooling or 12.5kW of heating.  Surplus capacity was provided in the outdoor units as additional fan coil units will be required in a building extension scheduled for completion in 2016.

VRV IV system a great comfort for people and perishables

Daikin D1 installer Intercool Systems of Stafford was commissioned to install the new system. Director Mike Walsh and his team worked strictly out of hours to complete the indoor works over a fortnight. This went so smoothly, according to Rupert Evans, that only a handful of customers commented on the arrival of the Roundflow cassettes overhead.

The outdoor units at Denstone Hall are VRV IV heat pumps, delivering either heating or cooling on a two pipe system. The units feature continuous heating during the defrost cycle, so there is no noticeable drop in temperature when ice is removed from the coils.

Daikin offers these as single units from 8hp to 20hp and in combination of two or three units for ratings from 22hp to 54hp.

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Rupert Evans owner of the property says:

“We chose the Daikin system for two main reasons: it’s economical on electricity and we liked the clean design of the cassettes – we wanted something that would blend in and not be an eyesore in the open ceiling areas.

“The system has been fantastic so far and it has certainly eliminated the problems we had.”

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