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Homefield Grange Spa

Heat pumps provide efficient, quiet comfort in a spa extension

Clever application of air source heat pump technology provides an economical solution to the space and water heating needs of a popular Northamptonshire health spa.

Since 2005, Homefield Grange at Rushton, Kettering, has been frequented by A-listers, including stars of stage and screen, and many others looking to detox in its peaceful rural atmosphere and picturesque stone buildings.

Development of a new spa and treatment suite on a lower-ground level of the former farm buildings brought the need for a heating system that’s easy on the environment – and the bottom line.

Heat pumps provide efficient, quiet comfort in a spa extension

An area adjacent to the existing building was excavated to accommodate the new extension which is mostly hidden by landscaping. The roof of the extension provides an attractive sun terrace at the south corner of the main building.

Set amid 23 acres of open farmland, Homefield Grange needs reliable heating for much of the year to ensure its patrons are comfortable – and the new facilities have increased demand for warmth.

Kettering-based Daikin D1+ Premium Partner Griffiths Air Conditioning provided the overall heating solution, using a range of Daikin heat pumps – each with a specific role, but also with the ability to share loads and increase overall efficiency.

Director Hans Looser

"We also wanted a system that would produce the desired comfort levels without any ‘air noise’ to disturb the tranquility of the indoor environment.

We originally considered ground source heat pumps, but the Daikin systems installed by Griffiths Air Conditioning tick all the boxes for us.”

The solution includes a Daikin air handling unit that ventilates the extension.

A 16kW Daikin Altherma LT heat pump primarily drives an underfloor heating system that prevents cold feet all year. But when the floor mass has reached the desired temperature, it becomes a thermal store for several hours.

Output of the LT heat pump is then available if necessary to assist the 16kW Daikin Altherma HT heat pump that provides domestic hot water and – most importantly keeps the spa water hot. As a result, the HT system – which has a secondary refrigerant circuit to produce higher temperatures – achieves better operating efficiencies.

The six treatment rooms are heated (or cooled) by Daikin slim ducted units, individually controlled with standard wired controllers. The indoor units are driven by a 10hp Daikin VRV IV heat recovery condensing unit.

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