Wilton Row Project, Belgravia

Willton Row Project

Compact single fan VRV IV S-series an ‘unseen’ solution in Belgravia

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As part of the extensive refurbishment of a three-storey house in a quiet corner of London’s Belgravia, an old multi-split air conditioning system – and its associated pipework – was targeted for replacement.

The owners of the Wilton Row property wanted modern technology and efficiency – coupled with a condensing unit that could effectively be ‘unseen’. Ceilite Air Conditioning of Stansted was invited to suggest a suitable solution.

Compact single fan VRV IV S-series an ‘unseen’ solution in Belgravia

Tim Cheshire says: “We received the request just as Daikin UK was launching the VRV IV S-series – with the most compact VRV systems creating more opportunities for out-of-sight solutions. We could see that the new 4hp single fan unit would be a perfect fit for the Wilton Row project, and the client was happy with our recommendation.” The house also has four slim concealed ceiling units installed behind bulkheads in the main bedroom, two dressing rooms and an upstairs study. Where space permits, there are separate air inlets for these units, but some  air returns via unused sections of the outlet grille. 

Daikin’s VRV IV S-series is a range of compact heat pumps developed primarily for residential and light commercial applications.

It includes single fan, single phase 4hp and 5hp units that make the latest VRV technology accessible where outdoor space is limited. Just 823mm high on a footprint of 940 x 460mm, the 4hp and 5hp units weigh 94kg – a relatively easy load for two-man handling in the most restricted locations. Their light weight reduces installation time and effort. Designed for balconies or behind parapet walls, the units typically have no visual impact and are quiet – so they easily comply with regulations. 

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Lightweight solution that's easy to handle

Tim Cheshire, applications engineer, says: “There was one major consideration: the owners did not want a large outdoor unit, because it would be positioned on a small area of flat roof, behind a shallow pitched roof.”

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