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Halcyon Medical

Strip and rebuild service solves new clinic’s rooftop heat recovery need

Development of a new facility within an existing land locked building for a busy central city medical practice provided a unique mix of heating and cooling challenges – but they were no match for the versatility of Daikin VRV IV systems.

Daikin’s strip and rebuild service solved a major installation headache for an efficient air conditioning system that recovers waste heat to provide an economical energy source for heating water.

Halcyon Medical is an NHS facility in Birmingham that has moved from cramped accommodation in a 400m2 Boots basement to more than 1,000m2 in nearby Martineau Place – a modernised retail and commercial complex on Corporation Street.

A Daikin VRV IV Heat Recovery system is at the core of the installation which provides cooling, heating, hot water and ventilation for the new first-floor premises.

The three-pipe heat recovery system offers excellent operating efficiencies, simultaneous cooling and heating if needed, and the facility for waste heat to be economically re-used as hot water.

For Halcyon Medical, these benefits are channelled into the production of hot water for both sanitary use and hot water for radiators in clinical areas where there are no air conditioning units. Recovered heat is boosted in three high temperature VRV Hydro boxes and a 200-litre storage cylinder satisfies all hot water requirements with fast recovery times.

Sarah Webster

“In our old premises we had the same air conditioning system as the shop above us. But there was no control, so some people were too hot while others were too cold. “Now we have complete control of our environment, with controllers in each area – so we should have much happier patients and staff . We also have some natural light, which is much appreciated.

A change was made for the better

“Previously, air conditioning was part of the rent, so we can’t really make

any comparisons with the Daikin system. But we are confident that

with the inherent efficiency of the system, sensible usage and good

maintenance, we will get good value for our money over many years to


Six Daikin VAM ventilation units ensure a continuous supply of fresh air for the practice, which passes through an efficient heat exchanger to ensure that outdoor temperatures place minimal load on the air conditioning systems.

The systems are controlled by premium wired controllers, with overall control through a Daikin Intelligent Touch Manager.

Halcyon Medical is served by wall-mounted units in the consulting rooms, treatment rooms and administrative areas, with Round Flow cassettes in larger open areas such as the waiting rooms and general office areas.

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