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Lush Store, Edinburgh

UK: Non-food retail refurbishment

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With comfort for its staff and customers a priority, fresh hand-made cosmetics retailer Lush upgraded the in-store air conditioning at its busy 186m2 shop and spa on Edinburgh’s premier shopping street to the latest ‘invisible’ technology from Daikin.


‘Invisible’ air conditioning a Lush comfort solution for Edinburgh

With a street-level sales floor and basement treatment rooms, the Princes Street Lush branch opposite Edinburgh Castle had no space for the usual outdoor condensing units. Lush turned to Epta UK – its national service provider and a Daikin D1+ Partner – to engineer a better environment in the Edinburgh store.

“It makes the shop feel like new, and there has been a very good response from staff and customers.”

- Ashley Basdeo, project manager at Lush

Smaller footprint

The i-Series overcomes space problems by separating the compressor and heat exchanger elements of conventional ‘outdoor’ units, so they can be mounted indoors. The heat exchanger is designed to fit in a typical ceiling void and is ducted to the exterior. At Lush Edinburgh, the inlet and outlet ducts vent to louvres above the storefront, making the installation invisible from the street.

Two 20kW systems were installed, to serve two ducted fan coil units, six wall-mounted indoor units and two mini-cassettes which cover the entire premises – including the basement.

Lush 710x460.jpg

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