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Lansdowne Road

UK: Residential newbuild

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A Cambridge academic’s stylish contemporary family house proved to be several degrees too hot for comfort in summer. The  well-insulated, modernised house has extensive glazing, and therefore a lot of heat gain. It was nice to be in – until the sun came out. Air conditioning was an absolute must – but the owners insisted the systems should have the lowest possible carbon footprint. Mark Lewis, Managing Director of local Daikin D1+ partner Airway Air Conditioning, says the low global warming potential of R32 systems from Daikin UK was a big attraction, making this the perfect solution for the family’s comfort.

Cambridge family graduates to a cool new Daikin R32 solution

Airway installed three R32 split systems. An 8kW outdoor multi-split unit serves two 4.2kW FTXM wall mounted fan coil units in the kitchen area. A 9kW outdoor multi-split unit serves two stylish 5kW Emura fan coils – in the lounge and guest bedroom – plus a 2kW FTXM wall mounted unit in the gym. A 5kW outdoor single split unit serves an FTXM wall mounted fan coil in the main bedroom. All the FTXM fan coils feature Daikin’s latest Flash Streamer air purification technology. 

"Because of their environmental concern, the owners had insisted the systems should have the lowest possible carbon footprint, so the low global warming potential of the Daikin R32 systems was a big attraction.

- Mark Lewis, Managing Director, Airway Air Conditioning

High-tech, low-carbon climate control system

The Daikin R32 solution was an excellent fit for the family, providing the four bedroom house on the edge of the city with high-tech, low-carbon climate control systems. And with systems that can also provide heat, it's a perfect space to be in all year round – regardless of temperature. All the units have individual infra-red controllers, but they are also fitted with wi-fi cards, so the owners can control their systems via the internet and an app on their mobile phones. And the units are grouped so that they can be turned on or off in a single action.

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