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Heatwave prompts college switch to Daikin heat recovery system

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A site visit on one of the hottest days of the year led to an 11th hour change of specifications and an opportunity to showcase a Daikin VRV IV heat recovery air conditioning system. This gives college students who are learning skills in construction, engineering, logistics and motor vehicle engineering an extra curricular opportunity to experience the eff ects of two different climate control technologies.

Heatwave prompts college switch to Daikin heat recovery system

Daikin D1 installer and mechanical services contractor CoSourced originally won an order to replace outdated and unreliable oil-fired boilers at the Feltham Skills and Logistics campus of West Thames College. In addition to installing new gas boilers, radiators in classrooms and offices on the second floor were to be upgraded. CoSourced owner Paul Blackford says: “The second floor has extensive glazing and suff ers from solar gain in summer. When I visited the site the rooms were uncomfortably hot. “There was no air conditioning in the original specification, but we suggested that the Daikin VRV IV system would be a better solution for the second floor. We drafted and priced a revised proposal – which was quickly accepted.”

“In larger classes, body heat can have a major effect, even in winter. With the heat recovery system we can provide cooling and use the free ‘waste’ heat elsewhere.”

- Naynesh Patel - the college’s Estates Manager

The solution

CoSourced installed two Dakin VRV IV heat recovery condensing units totaling 18hp in a fenced compound at the rear of the building. The units have a total heating or cooling capacity of 50.4kW. Eight Fully Flat cassettes and four Roundflow cassettes are installed on the second floor – five in classrooms, four in corridors and three in offce areas. Each cassette has its own branch selector box to allow simultaneous heating and cooling when necessary and to maximise the efficiency of the three pipe system. The system is controlled locally via an i-Touch controller. This is linked via a Bacnet interface to the college’s building management system – facilitating system control and monitoring from the main campus at Isleworth.

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