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Homeowner hoping for a hot summer to try out new Daikin R32 system

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One summer in a new south-facing house was enough to convince a Bromley homeowner that an air conditioning solution from Daikin UK should top the family’s shopping list. The IT consultant and his family moved into the 1,200 sq.ft three bedroom semi -detached – part of a development in Hayes – in winter.

They were comfortable with the conventional heating system and its gas boiler. He says: “It was our first new-build home but we did not appreciate the effectiveness of modern air-tightness and insulation standards until summer. Some of our neighbours had air conditioning systems, so we started to look at the possibilities.”

Homeowner hoping for a hot summer to try out new Daikin R32 system

The family called in Daikin D1 Partner Technicool and chose the Daikin Bluevolution R32 Emura  system. Technicool installed an 8kW R32 Multi condensing unit at the side of the house. Refrigerant pipes to the 3.5kW Emura unit downstairs and the three 2kW units upstairs were installed in dark trunking on the outside wall. 

High-tech solution future-proofs home

Contracts Manager Spencer Johnson says: “Daikin’s R32 systems are straightforward to install and commission. The Emura indoor units have a sleek, contemporary appearance and in this installation we were able to site them high on the walls so that even in the smallest bedroom they look good.”

With environmental concerns and a long-term phasedown of HFC refrigerants driving change in technology,

Daikin pioneered the move towards R32. It is a 50% constituent of the earlier “standard” R410a, but used on its own, R32 has a GWP of 675 – compared to R410a’s 2088. It also brings additional benefits in terms of energy efficiency and a reduced refrigerant charge.

Daikin launched the first commercial R32 refrigerant air conditioning range in the UK and plans to have all its DX equipment running on R32 – including VRV systems – in the longer term.

Following the initial launch of the Bluevolution range for traditional split units, the range now includes the Daikin Emura and Sky Air products – including the Seasonal Smart High COP Roundflow Cassette and iTab controller.

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