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Grand Hotel York

A grand air conditioning solution for extension of York’s top hotel

York’s only five star hotel – the Grand Hotel & Spa – has opened a 101-bedroom extension with Daikin VRV IV heat recovery air conditioning. It was also the first UK hotel development where Daikin’s ground-breaking auto cleaning duct was specified for the fan coil units in every guest room.

Simplified room controllers are provided in each guest room, and each is fitted with a bespoke antique brass faceplate to match the décor. Leak detection monitors – in a bespoke purple colour – are fitted in every room.

The systems are centrally controlled by a Daikin iTouch Manager with expansion card for connection to the hotel’s building management system.

A grand air conditioning solution for extension of York’s top hotel

This technology combination is set to maximise efficiency and economy:

• Apart from the ability to provide simultaneous cooling and heating, the three-pipe heat recovery system offers greater efficiencies than two-pipe systems.

• The auto cleaning duct prevents any build-up of dust that could otherwise inhibit efficiency of a ducted fan coil unit and increase operating costs of the overall system.

• And as the auto cleaning duct’s dust storage container can be emptied when necessary by housekeeping staff with a vacuum cleaner, it avoids the cost of manual cleaning of the filters. In most rooms, the vacuum access points are neatly concealed in a cupboard.

• Improves air quality by removing dust and particulates from circulation within the room.

“The Daikin system indicates when an auto cleaning duct’s dust container needs emptying. But that’s such an easy task for housekeeping staff , we’ve made it part of the daily room-servicing routine. We’ll still be checking the units in all the rooms at least twice a year, but it will need only a quick walk-round.”

Grand Hotel property manager Martin Jenkinson 

The Solution

Daikin D1+ partner Maximum Climate Control, which had already installed Daikin systems for the new restaurant, was appointed to undertake the full mechanical installation in the extension.

The air conditioning element consists of 12 VRV IV heat recovery condensing units serving the ducted fan coil units. The three-pipe system includes multi-way Daikin branch selector boxes.

Two Daikin ERQ condensing units serve the temperature coils in the third party air handling unit that provides a constant supply of fresh, tempered air to the guest rooms.

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